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Cat ID Tags

Ensure your cat can always find its way home

Keeping your feline friends safe is a priority for all responsible cat owners, and the best way to ensure their safety is by getting them to wear an engraved ID tag, complete with their name and your contact details as well as any important medical or microchip information.

This small, yet essential addition will ensure your cat is always returned to you if they are found.

Choose from our huge range

Here at, we offer a wide range of cat tag designs and shapes to suit every cat, from the malleable Rag Doll to the sophisticated Siamese to the gorgeous Russian Blue.

With a broad range of stylish cat tags available, you will be spoilt for choice. Select from a fancy a fish for your greedy puss, a pretty cat face or bow for your pampered princess or even a sparkly heart shaped tag, complete with Swarovski crystals.

Cats love to struggle against our love and cuddles at the best of times, so make life easier for yourself and attach your cat tag to the collar with our lightweight eZeClip attachment and save your hands a scratch or two!

Satisfaction guaranteed

Made from a range of materials including brass, stainless steel and aluminium, our cat ID tags are suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes.

Engraved using the latest technology, you can be sure of quality finishes on all our tags. All tags are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase against breakage and fading. Our Bling tags are guaranteed against breakage and fading for 5 years and for 1 year against the loss of any crystals during normal use.

Select a tag - Only  AU$16.95 , includes free engraving and worldwide postage

Select a tag - Only  AU$16.95 , includes free engraving and worldwide postage

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Green Sparkle Fish Pet Tag Dark Blue Sparkle Fish Pet Tag Light Blue Sparkle Fish Pet tag Orange Sparkle Fish Pet Tag
Blue Sparkle Small Paw Pet Tag Green Sparkle Small Paw Pet Tag Pink Sparkle Small Paw Pet Tag Red Sparkle Small Paw Pet Tag
Blue Sparkle Small Heart Pet Tag Orange Sparkle Small Heart Pet Tag Pink Sparkle Small Heart Pet Tag Purple Sparkle Small Heart Pet Tag
Blue Small Bow Tie Pet Tag Pink Sparkle Small Bow Tie Pet Tag Red Sparkle Small Bow Tie Pet Tag White Sparkle Small Bow Tie Pet Tag
Light Blue Sparkle Sleeping Cat Pet Tag Cat Sparkle Dark Blue Green Sparkle Sleeping Cat Pet Tag Pink Sleeping Cat Pet Tag
Purple Sleeping Cat Pet Tag Black Cat Face Pet Tag White Cat Face Pet Tag Pawprint Orange & Blue Pet Tag
Angel Pet Tag Crown Pet Tag Flower Pet Tag Heart Pink & Purple Pet Tag
Heart Pink & Silver Pet Tag Pawprint Red Pet Tag Pawprint Blue Pet Tag Peace Pet Tag
Sun & Moon Pet Tag Yin Yan Pink Pet Tag Yin Yan Blue Pet Tag Pink Glitter Hearts Pet Tag
Purple Glitter Hearts Pet Tag Green Glitter Paws Pet Tag Black Glitter Paws Pet Tag Red Glitter Cat Pet Tag
Aqua Glitter Fish Pet Tag Charlie Bling Heart Pet Tag Honey Bling Heart Pet Tag Coco Bling Heart Pet Tag
Stella Bling Round Pet Tag Lulu Bling Round Pet Tag Zsa Zsa Bling Round Pet Tag Ruby Bling Heart Pet Tag
Bailey Bling Round Pet Tag Tinkerbell Bling Heart Pet Tag Amore Bling Heart Pet Tag Twinkle Bling Heart Pet Tag
Stainless Heart Pet Tag Stainless Steel Disc Pet Tag Stainless Star Pet Tag Stainless Bowtie Pet Tag
Stainless Cat Pet Tag Stainless Paw Pet Tag Nickel Disc Pet Tag Brass Heart Pet Tag
Brass Disc Pet Tag Brass Star Pet Tag Aluminium Pink Disc Pet Tag Aluminium Pink Heart Pet Tag
Aluminium Pink Cat Pet Tag Aluminium Blue Disc Pet Tag Aluminium Blue Heart Pet Tag Aluminium Blue Cat Pet Tag
Aluminium Orange Disc Pet Tag Aluminium Orange Heart Pet Tag Aluminium Orange Cat Pet Tag Aluminium Silver Disc Pet Tag
Aluminium Silver Heart Pet Tag Aluminium Silver Cat Pet Tag Aluminium Red Disc Pet Tag Aluminium Red Heart Pet Tag
Aluminium Red Cat Pet Tag Aluminium Green Disc Pet Tag Aluminium Green Heart Pet Tag Aluminium Green Cat Pet Tag
Aluminium Black Disc Pet Tag Aluminium Black Heart Pet Tag Aluminium Black Cat Pet Tag Aluminium Purple Disc Pet Tag
Aluminium Purple Heart Pet Tag Aluminium Purple Cat Pet Tag
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