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Choose an eZeClip to secure your tag

Attaches tag securely to pet’s collar

Easy to change collar or tag

Can be removed at night to stop jingling

Made from strong rustproof anodised aluminium

eZeClip Hearts - new range!

Small: 21.4x13.5mm or 0.84x0.53in - Suitable for small cats and small and medium dogs

Medium: 27.9x17.6mm or 1.1x 0.69in - Suitable for medium and large dogs

Large: 33.2x21mm or 1.30x0.82in - Suitable for very large dogs

eZeClip Heart Silver

From $ per clip

eZeClip Heart Red

From $ per clip

eZeClip Heart Purple

From $ per clip

eZeClip Heart Pink

From $ per clip

eZeClip Heart Blue

From $ per clip

eZeClip Heart Black

From $ per clip

eZeClip Rounds

Small: Approximately 23.5x12.5mm or 0.93x0.49in - Suitable for small and medium tags

Medium: Approximately 23.5x15.5mm or 0.93x0.61in - Suitable for large and medium tags

eZeClip Round Silver

$ per clip

eZeClip Round Red

$ per clip

eZeClip Round Gold

$ per clip

eZeClip Round Blue

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